Georgia O’Keefe Red Cannis

Several of my friends and I decided to do another Wine and Art event offered by The Lindee Tree.  This one was a reproduction of a Georgia O’Keefe flower “Red Cannis”.  It was harder than the first painting we did with Lindee, but I really love my finished piece.




Here is the original by O’Keefe.  I think we did OK!



Hooo goes there?

I know that owls are all trendy again, but whenever I see owl decor I think back to the hundred or so decorative owls that used to sit on my grandmother’s mantle.  Today’s designs are cuter but it seems that they have been popular for a long time.  Earlier this summer my kids begged me to take them to Glazed Bisque-It, a local ceramic studio (which was also trendy in the 70s along with the owls).  I usually don’t paint a piece myself, but I have really been wanting a cookie jar.  What do you know, but they had this awesome owl cookie jar.  So I HAD to paint it.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

owl cookie jar

owl cookie jar

Women, Wine, and Art

Our local vineyard, Fincastle Winery, has been offering art and wine events over the summer.  I signed up with a couple of ladies from our book club, and we went today.  It was a GORGEOUS day, and we painted outside under a tent.  The instructor, Lindee Katdare of Lindee Tree, gave us step-by-step instructions, and we each created our first “masterpiece”. I don’t think that I’ve painted a picture since elementary school, so it was a bit daunting.  But I am happy with the outcome.  Add to that the good wine and good friends, and I call it a huge success.