Challenge 2019

My EGA Chapter offers a “Challenge” each year as a fundraiser. For completed items from our individually chosen challenge list, we are granted entries into a prize drawing at the end of the year.  It’s my first time participating, but here goes my challenge list:

1. original needlepoint designed by my daughter!! (Definitely the most intriguing item on my list)

2. Ambrosia Honey – needlepoint design from EGA Needlearts magazine

3. Autumn Square – Laura Perin needlepoint design

4. Mother’s Heart – cross stitch design from Shepherd’s Bush

5. small piece for Christmas exchange (precise item is a secret!)

6. Santa – needlepoint canvas by Leigh Walker and stitch guide/instruction by JaneAnn Sleeman

7. Canvas Stitch Alphabet Sampler – needlepoint design by Light House Designs

8.  Blackwork Band Sampler – blackwork design by Rae Iverson

9. Honeycomb pin cushion – backstitch and stumpwork piece from Stitcher’s World Magazine

10. Do the Right Thing – cross stitch design by Lizzie Kate

Wish me luck on completing my list!




Sisters + Friends


I made this cute piece for my sister for Christmas.  It’s “Sisters + Friends” from The Drawn Thread.  It was a fast and easy stitch, and I got to try some nice finishing for it.  It’s finished with a ladder stitch to a fabric backing.



Needlework passion renewed

Stitching SpotI have done some sort of needlework since I was 10 years old, with the most prolific period for me being in my twenties.  It was B.C. (before children), and I was early in my marriage and career.  I belonged to the Monticello Needlearts Chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America (even President for a year or two), and I enjoyed many different techniques.  But once I had two children, my pace of stitching slowed substantially.  Between working full time and raising two kids, there just wasn’t the time or energy at the end of the day.

Now, however, I have two teenagers who are pretty independent.  With our move to Florida in autumn of 2017, one earning her driver’s license, and one having school and activities a short bike ride away, I suddenly had unexpected time on my hands. Around this same time, the National EGA began their EGA Stitch-a-long Facebook group.  I joined and lurked that group for a time, but the bug hit me again, and soon I found myself rejoining EGA as a member-at-large.  It was time to get stitching again!!!

After a few months as member-at-large, I started looking at the local EGA group.  I found their Facebook group, went to one meeting, found the group super friendly and welcoming, and I soon transferred my membership to DuClay Chapter of the EGA.  Between the national stitch-a-long group and stitching with my local chapter at least twice a month, I have refound my love of all things needlework.

With that, I am going to try to re-start this blog, focusing mainly on needlework and maybe other crafts here and there.  I have *many* past pieces that I have not yet posted, so I will go back and post those in the coming months.

I hope that you enjoy what you see!

Yours in stitching,




Prairie Schooler Santas

I love the annual Santa designs from Prairie Schooler. This piece was stitched as a round robin with a group of friends in real life and online, probably at least 15 years ago.  This piece brings back a funny little memory . . . . When my youngest child was a baby & I was home on maternity leave, one of our cats brought a baby bird into the house and let it go still alive.  When our dog Buddy spied the bird, he launched himself across the room at full speed and slammed into the wall.  The force of him knocked this framed needlework and a glass lantern off of the wall, sending both crashing to the floor into a mass of broken glass.  Meanwhile I was simultaneously trying to deal with a crying baby, a bird on the loose, and a frantic dog.  It was a scene worthy of I Love Lucy.  Eventually I caught the bird, calmed the dog, and cleaned up the glass.  But 13 years later, I still haven’t replaced the glass in this frame.  I really should replace it to protect the needlework.  But it is a funny memory in hindsight.

Prairie Schooler Santas


Home is a place filled with love and laughter

In the late 1980s, my mother, Sandra Gentry, started this cross-stitch design. In time, arthritis made stitching too painful to continue. She passed along the partially completed needlework to me. Years passed as I set aside needlework in the 2000s when my children were small. In 2014, in anticipation of Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, I completed the piece.

I love you Mom and Dad, and I want to thank you for a home of love & laughter!



I am in LOVE with this little guy.  He’s made from a turkey diecut from Lifestyle Crafts.  You’ll see him grace our Thanksgiving table this year.  I’m thinking of making one for each person as a placecard.  Great way to use up scraps.

turkey diecut

Give Thanks

Fall is definitely here now.  I love the crisp days and the turning leaves.  And I love the fall decor!  This is a little piece that I made last fall.  I got the idea from etsy, but I knew that I could make it myself for way cheaper.  I used chipboard coasters, and stamped the letters.  I chalked the edges and added eyelets to the corners. I strung a ribbon through the eyelets, and done!