2020 Challenge

Wow, it is September already, and I have posted anything since January. But obviously 2020 has thrown some unexpected challenges my way, just like everyone else in the world. I am going to post my 2020 Challenge list for our EGA guild here, but can tell you that I don’t expect to actually complete much from it. We will see how the end of the year goes.

  1. Ambrosia Honey
  2. needlepoint Santa
  3. a piece to exchange at our EGA Christmas party
  4. Liberty Box
  5. any stumpwork piece
  6. any Gay Ann Rogers piece
  7. Under the Deep Blue Sea
  8. Honeycomb pin cushion
  9. Work of Thy Hands basket
  10. Blackwork band sampler

As a sneak peak, I DID finish #1 above and will post photos soon. But as the year unfolded, I really changed my mind on what pieces I wanted to stitch, so most of the rest of the list isn’t going to get much attention.

Stay well my friends. #wearamask


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