Back to my talented daughter Riley.  She is very much into manga (Japanese  comics) and enjoys creating drawings in the manga style.  She is FAR more talented than I am in drawing.  These two pieces decorate my office at work.

This elf was done with a combination of colored pencils and markers.


Here Riley was experimenting with movement.  This was done with Copic markers (except the jacket, which is Spectrum Noir).  I bought the Copics for my use, but Riley frankly gets way more out of them than I do.



Monster Book of Monsters

My daughter Riley set out to make a very special present for her best friend’s 13th birthday. . . . a handmade “Monster Book of Monsters” from Harry Potter.  Riley did the research, determined all of her supply needs, and constructed the whole thing with very little help.  (I advised on glue choices and the husband advised on drilling & mounting the eyes).  Having looked on Etsy at the choices there for this little prop, I feel like Riley could sell these.

The “book” is actually a wooden box, so it can be used for storage.